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I am a Lecturer of Mathematics at the University of Bristol.

I work of questions about p-adic modular forms and deformations of Galois representations, often in relation to the Gross-Stark conjectures and their refinements. More broadly, my research interests include rigid meromorphic cocycles, p-adic L-functions, Euler systems, Iwasawa theory, eigenvarieties, the Eisenstein ideal.

Publications & Preprints

Flach classes and generalised Hecke eigenvalues, with Henri Darmon, submitted. PDF

Real quadratic singular moduli and p-adic families of modular forms, with Paulina Fust, Judith Ludwig, Mafalda Santos and Hanneke Wiersema, Women in Numbers Europe IV, Association for Women in Mathematics Series 32, to appear. PDF

The values of the Dedekind-Rademacher cocycle at real multiplication points, with Henri Darmon and Jan Vonk, Journal of the European Mathematical Society, to appear. PDF

Diagonal restrictions of p-adic Eisenstein families, with Henri Darmon and Jan Vonk, Mathematische Annalen 379, 503--548 (2021). PDF Published version

On the failure of Gorensteinness at weight 1 Eisenstein points of the eigencurve, with Adel Betina and Mladen Dimitrov, American Journal of Mathematics 144, 227--265 (2022). PDF Published version


The eigencurve at Eisenstein weight one points, PhD thesis. PDF

The Kuga-Satake Construction: A Modular Interpretation, Master Thesis. PDF

Study Groups

In Spring 2019, I co-organized a study group on Derived structures in the Langlands program, with Pol van Hoften, Aswin Iyengar and Carl Wang-Erickson.

In Spring 2020, I co-organised the study group Recent progress on Stark’s Conjectures with Luis Garcia. PDF

In Autumn 2020, I co-organised the study group Higher Hida Theory ,with Ana Caraiani and Sally Gilles PDF

Invited Speaker


Lecture series at School on Arithmetic Geometry for M. Bertolini’s 60th birthday, September 2022

Triple product periods and Explicit Class Field Theory with H. Darmon and J. Vonk at Automorphic p-adic L-functions and regulators, University of Lille, October 2019

Conferences and Workshops

p-adic L-functions and eigenvarieties, University of Notre Dame, June 2022

Women In Automorphic Forms Workshop, Bielefeld, September 2021

Eisenstein Series and Equivariant Cohomology Workshop, Regensburg, July 2021

CMS meeting, CMS meeting,

L-Functions and Iwasawa Theory, NCTS, Taiwan, October 2020

p-adic Modular Forms and Galois representations, Sheffield University, July 2019

Satellite Conference of the JourneĢes Arithmetiques, Bogazici University, Istan- bul, July 2019

Eisenstein Ideal and Iwasawa Theory Workshop, Morningside Centre, Beijing, June 2019

p-adic Langlands Correspondence and Iwasawa Theory, University of Lille, October 2019

AMS Meeting-Complex Multiplication Session, Baltimore, January 2019

Seminar Talks:

Durham University, March 2021

Sorbonne-Paris Nord Number Theory Seminar, February 2021

UCLA Seminar, Los Angeles, December 2020

UCSB Seminar, Santa Barbara, December 2020

Bristol Number Theory Seminar, Bristol University, November 2019

Gothenburg Number Theory Seminar, University of Gothenburg, October 2019

Warwick Number Theory Seminar, University of Warwick, June 2019

Cambridge Number Theory Seminar, University of Cambridge, May 2019

London Number Theory Seminar, University College London, March 2019

Institute for Advanced Study Number Theory Seminar, January 2019

AMS Meeting-Complex Multiplication Session, Baltimore, January 2019

Sheffield Number Theory Seminar, University of Sheffield, December 2018

Oxford Number Theory Seminar, University of Oxford, November 2018

Quebec-Vermont Number Theory Seminar, McGill University, April 2018

Montreal-Toronto Workshop in Number Theory, January 2018

Université Laval, Quebec October 2017

Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Barcelona June 2017


Lecturer of Algebraic Number Theory at the University of Bristol, Autumn 2023

Lecturer of Elliptic Curves at Imperial College London, Autumn 2021, Spring 2021

Lecturer of Representation Theory at University College London, Winter 2020

Teaching Assistant of Algebra 1, McGill University, Fall 2017, Fall 2016, Fall 2015, Fall 2014

Teaching Assistant of Calculus 2, McGill University, Winter 2014